Notice of awards are usually directed to the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG). If a Principal Investigator (PI) or department receives an award notice for a funded sponsored research award, it should be immediately routed to

All awards must be reviewed by OCG's Grant or Contract Officers regardless of the sponsor. OCG Grant and Contract Officers review the terms and conditions of the award and negotiate appropriate remedies before accepting the award on behalf of CU Boulder.

As needed, OCG Grant and Contract Officers consult with the PI, department/institute research administrators and other administrative offices such as Venture Partners at CU Boulder or University Counsel. The negotiation process ranges from a few days to several months.

Frequently Used Agreements

Information about the most commonly used types of agreements can be found on the pages listed under Types of Agreements in the navigation at right.

Key Clauses

During the review of a sponsored project award, Grant and Contract Officers review key clauses in the Terms and Conditions of the agreement. The list of key clauses below is not comprehensive, but does point out some of the more common areas of concern. 


Choice of Law/Venue

Counterfeit Goods

Duration/Period of Performance/Term

Export Controls

Fees and Discounts

Foreign Nationals


Intellectual Property


Publication Restrictions