The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) is the University of Colorado Boulder’s Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) to submit sponsored project proposals and to negotiate and accept sponsored project documents, including research grant and contact agreements, service agreements, data transfer and use agreements, material transfer agreements, non-disclosure agreements, fellowships and related reports on behalf of the Regents of the University of Colorado. OCG is the office of record for the administration of sponsored projects (e.g., research, training and creative works) and service agreements on the CU Boulder campus.

Signature Authority exists to protect researchers. The CU Boulder's signature authority delegations are designed to protect academic freedoms, including a faculty member’s right to publish, and faculty’s intellectual property. Delegations originate with the Regents of the University of Colorado to the President and then to named individuals within the University.

The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) holds the delegation of signature authority for CU Boulder's sponsored project contracts and grants, and official sponsored project correspondence over the life of an award (e.g., requests to the sponsor for no-cost extensions, budget deviations, certifications and representations, prior approval authorizations and other modifications to the terms). OCG also holds the delegation of signature authority for University non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. When in doubt about signing an agreement, contact OCG for guidance.

Individual faculty and staff members generally do not hold authority to sign agreements that bind the University unless they have a formal written delegation of signature authority. Faculty may sign agreements in their individual capacity for work done on their 1/6th time, not using University assets or facilities.

The terms could impair publication rights and intellectual property rights, and the individual signer does not have the institutional protection of the University. There is also a risk that the signer could hold liability for compliance with the agreement’s terms.

For sponosred projects agreements, email a copy to An OCG Contract Officer will review the terms and determine if a renegotiation is possible. For non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements, contact the Contract Administrator for your department to review the terms.