As a public institution located in the State of Colorado, the mission of the University of Colorado is to perform research with results that can be openly shared, known as the Fundamental Research Exclusion (FRE). On occasion, research conducted at CU Boulder requires additional compliance with export control regulations, which is typically identified at the time of a proposal and finalized at the time the award is received and negotiated.

In order to comply with these restrictions, OCG reviews proposals prior to submission and confirms what export control restrictions are identified by the Principal Investigator (PI) on the Proposal Submission Request Form (PSR). The PI is then directed to the Office of Research Integrity for any export items identified on the PSR.

At the time an award is issued, OCG reviews award terms and conditions for restrictive export control terminology. To the full extent feasible and in coordination with the Export Controls Administrator, OCG negotiates terms acceptable to CU Boulder which may require licensure. Please see the Export Controls section of the Office of Research Integrity website for more details about export control. The “Guidance” section includes particularly helpful information on such topics as: 

  • How to handle foreign visitors
  • Getting a license
  • Key things to consider with international travel
  • Publishing study results
  • Shipping and exporting

In addition to export control restrictions, an award may impose restrictions on publication or release of results that may or not be related to export control restrictions. In either case, OCG will support PIs in preparation of a petition for review of the award by the Faculty Committee for Restricted, Proprietary, and Classified Research (FCRPCR). The FCRPCR committee is separate from the Office of Research Integrity and is chaired by a faculty member. The Academic Affairs Policy on Openness in Research provides definitions and protocols under which the FCRPRC operates.

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