Federal law prohibits the unauthorized export of certain commodities, software and technology to foreign end users. It also restricts payments to, and general economic engagement with specifially identified persons, entities and countries.

CU employees are required to comply with these laws when traveling abroad. Failure to do so not only risks civil and criminal liability, it violates University policies.

The Office of Export Controls (OEC) can assist you in securing and maintaining compliance with U.S. laws on export controls and sanctions in connection with the foriegn destinations, organizations, and individuals you intend to visit. You will find helpful information below concerning international travel procedures and best practices to ensure compliance with the growing array of federal regulations. If you have any questions pertaining to international travel, please contact exportcontrolshelp@colorado.edu.

In accordance with the PSC travel policies and procedures, international travelers (including presenters, students, visitors, and other business associates) whose travel expenses are to be charged to university public funds (e.g., sponsored programs, foundation, operating, various, etc.) should contact OEC if they are traveling to a foreign country with equipment, software, or technology/ or information that may be subject to export controls. OEC must approve travel to high risk countries, a list of which is can be found here.