Science is global, and members of the CU community should engage with colleagues throughout the world. However, international travel creates an accute set of risks for maintaining compliance with U.S. export controls. Failure to uphold U.S. laws while abroad can lead to civil and criminal liability, as well as violations of University policies.

The Office of Export Controls (OEC) works to ensure that individuals travelling on official CU business are aware of the risks, and remain in compliance with legal requirements for export controls and sanctions. In accordance with the PSC travel policies and procedures, travelers (including presenters, students, visitors, and other business associates) whose travel expenses are to be charged to university public funds (e.g., sponsored programs, foundation, operating, various, etc.) should contact OEC if they plan to travel internationally with equipment, software, technology, or information that may be subject to export controls.

The following is a reference tool to help determine if further evaluation by OEC is required:

  • Minimal export control risk: You are not traveling to a High Risk country; are taking only a commercial off the shelf electronic device using only publically available software; and the information you want to present is: a). the analysis or results from research with no restrictions on participation or publication; b). information that is already in the public domain; or c). information you provide to students in the normal course of university instruction at CU.
  • Increasing export control risk: Please consult with OEC prior to travel if any of the following factors apply: a). your destination is a High Risk country; b). you will be meeting with or presenting to individuals affiliated with a foreign government, or a restricted party; c). you will have with you - or will access via the cloud - classified, sensitive, proprietary or confidential information/data; d). you will have items that are designed for military, nuclear, space or other national security applications; or e). you will use non-commercially available software that you are not permitted to share with the public.

You will also find helpful information below concerning travel procedures and best practices. If you remain unsure as to whether your intended travel agenda raises export controls or sanctions concerns, OEC can assist in identifying risks an determining how to comply with federal requirements in a manner that continues to facilitate your research.