The Center for National Security Initiatives (NSI) has established core capability research areas across the CU Boulder campus, engaging with 60+ research faculty that align to research and development priorities of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community (IC).

As the sole Tier-1 research institution in Colorado, CU Boulder creates a prime opportunity for on-demand research collaboration among technical experts in the aerospace and defense enterprise. Over the past five years, CU Boulder has placed a strategic focus on national security research and received on average $45M in funding from Department of Defense projects. 

Through student participation in national security research, NSI addresses the ever-increasing demand for qualified and experienced defense professionals in Colorado and across the nation.


Fundamental and Applied Research 
in technologies critical
to national security

Workforce Development 
Focused programs, ROTC,
veterans, internships, clearances

Intellectual Capital
World-class research faculty,
topical studies and advising,
pilot studies