CU Boulder policy prohibits the acceptance of any award that prohibits or restricts publication, access, or dissemination of research results or prevents CU Boulder from disclosing the existence of an agreement. As a State institution and public university, there are issues with using state resources for purposes that do not benefit the public. If not managed appropriately, there are also tax implications. The right to publish and having openness in academics and research is inherent to the mission of CU Boulder.

An award that imposes restrictions to publication or results or restricts participation of foreign nationals can be considered restricted research. These restrictions may be in addition to, or not related to, export control restrictions. The Academic Affairs Policy on Openness in Research provides definitions and protocols under which restricted research can be accepted.

The Academic Affairs Policy on Openness in Research establishes the Faculty Committee for Restricted, Proprietary, and Classified Research (FCRPC) which review petitions from PIs to accept restricted sponsored research funds. OCG supports PIs in preparation of a petition for review of awards by the FCRPCR. The FCRPCR is chaired by a faculty member.