CU Boulder is a State of Colorado non-profit institution and as such we cannot offer discounts to sponsors. The University is a not-for-profit governmental entity with a public mission and tax exempt status. Under this context, budgets do not include tax expenses of any kind (e.g. export and import, income tax, sales tax, value added tax, goods and services tax, fees, etc.) imposed under any local, regional, or national law.

If any tax is levied on a project by the local, regional, or national government of the sponsor, CU Boulder requires one of the following;

  1. The award amount be increased as necessary to cover the additional cost of the tax and the sponsor agrees to reimburse CU Boulder for the tax through a written modification to each agreement; or
  2. Sponsor takes the responsibility for payment of the taxes directly to the tax authority and provides CU Boulder with written documentation as proof the tax was paid on its behalf