Associate Professor
Media Studies

 Office: Armory 111A

Associate Professor Polly Bugros McLean teaches courses in media, culture and globalization; media theory; communication and international development; qualitative research methods; and gender, race, class and sexualities in popular culture and contemporary media. She has served as faculty associate to the chancellor and as the director of Women & Gender Studies at CU.

In partnership with the government of Swaziland, McLean was responsible for the first HIV/AIDS radio campaign. In 1999 and 2000 she was a Senior Fulbright Scholar to the University of Namibia. She is writing a book on the performance of black men in drag as “othermothers” in U.S. film and television. McLean contributes trainings and publications to the Graduate Teacher Program and Faculty Teaching Excellence Program and was a 2014 recipient of a Best Should Teach Gold Award. The award acknowledges excellence in teaching and academic leadership and was presented on August 21, 2014 by the Dean of the School of Education, the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and the Dean of the Graduate School. She is also the recipient of numerous additional awards including the Edward R. Murrow Award for Teaching Excellence, 2009, and the Robert L. Stearns Award, 2007.

She holds a BA from City University of New York, an MS from Columbia University  and a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin.