The University of Colorado Boulder offers the following degrees and certificate options in engineering and applied science:

Degree BS MS ME Concurrent PhD Certificate Distance 
Aerospace Engineering Sciences BS MS   BS/MS PhD C D
Applied Mathematics BS MS   BS/MS PhD    
Architectural Engineering BS MS   BS/MS PhD    
Chemical & Biological Engineering BS     BS/MS      
Chemical Engineering BS MS ME BS/MS PhD    
Civil Engineering BS MS   BS/MS PhD    
Computer Science BA, BS MS ME BS/MS PhD   D
Digital Media           C  
Electrical & Computer Engineering BS     BS/MS*      
Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering           C  
Electrical Engineering BS MS ME BS/MS PhD C D
Energy           C  
Engineering for Devloping Communities           C  
Engineering Leadership           C  
Engineering Management     ME     C D
Engineering Management & Entrepreneurship           C  
Engineering Physics BS     BS/MS      
Engineering Plus BS            
Engineering, Science & Society           C  
Environmental Engineering BS MS   BS/MS PhD    
Global Engineering           C  
Interdisciplinary Telecommunications   MS ME   PhD C D
International Engineering           C  
Materials Science & Engineering   MS     PhD    
Mechanical Engineering BS MS ME BS/MS PhD    
Technology, Arts & Media BS         C  
Technology, Media & Society   MS     PhD    
Telecommunications           C  

(BS=Bachelor of Science, MS=Master of Science, ME=Master of Engineering, BS/MS=Concurrent BS/MS Program, PhD=Doctor of Philosophy, C=Certificate, D=Distance Education option for advanced degrees and certificates)

Please make sure to consult with your advisor to understand all options.