Shape the future of engineering education. 

Our PhD program seeks to improve the education of engineers through research, project-based learning paradigms, and integrated design principles. Through our collaboration with the School of Education and other discipline-based education research groups at CU Boulder, our flexible curriculum blends technical expertise with education outcomes. 

The program is designed for students with a background in engineering. As a candidate you can expect to: 

  • Conduct and direct research in engineering education. 
  • Develop, review and critique research designs that study engineering education. 
  • Learn to effectively teach engineering subjects.
  • Design and assess engineering courses. 
  • Address critical issues facing engineering education. 

Structure of the PhD Program

The 60-credit-hour program includes: 

  • Graduate level technical courses in engineering subjects or computer science (9 credits)
  • Education (12 credits)
  • Flexible credits toward either technical courses or education (9 credits)
  • Dissertation hours (30 credits)