Any student currently enrolled in a graduate degree program offered by the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder may apply for concurrent enrollment in the Mortenson Center Graduate Certificate. Students interested in completing the certificate must submit a Certificate Enrollment Form signed by the student's academic advisor prior to being able to register for Mortenson courses. 

Certificate Requirements

Students earn the certificate by satisfactorily completing 12 credit-hours approved by the Mortenson Center, with a grade of B- or higher in each course or module. The following courses are required: 

Certificate students start with SCD I, which introduces students to the complexities of the international development industry, providing a survey approach to understanding major historical outcomes, theories, institutions, policies, alternatives and critiques. The SCD Field Practicum provides students with a field-based opportunity to synthesize and integrate knowledge acquired in MCGE courses and other learning experiences and to apply theory and principles in a situation that approximates professional practice in global engineering. Students typically fulfill the SCD Field Practicum requirement the summer after the first academic year in the program. Learn more about previous practicum placements here.

The remaining six credit hours are to be completed as approved courses or one-credit modules offered by the Mortenson Center or Affiliate Faculty (listed below). MCGE offers courses as sequences of 5-week modules, with each module worth one credit-hour. The following sequences are currently offered:

A. Principles

B. Project Management

  • CVEN 5837-002: Program and Project Management (Spring, 1st five weeks)
  • CVEN 5837-004: Solution Identification and Proposal Development (Spring, 2nd five weeks)

C. Field Methods

  • CVEN 5837-005: Study Design and Community Appraisal (Spring, 1st five weeks)
  • CVEN 5837-006: Data Collection Tools (Spring, 2nd five weeks)
  • CVEN 5837-007: Data Analytics for Development (Spring, 3rd five weeks)

D. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)*

  • CVEN 5939: Drinking Water (Fall, 1st five weeks)
  • CVEN 5939: Sanitation and Hygiene (Fall, 2nd five weeks)
  • CVEN 5939: Water Quality Lab (Fall, 3rd five weeks)

E. Humanitarian Aid*

  • CVEN 5837: Introduction to Humanitarian Aid (Fall, 1st five weeks)
  • CVEN 5837: Disaster Risk Reduction (Fall, 2nd five weeks)
  • CVEN 5837: Refugees, Displacement, Shelters and Settlement (Fall, 3rd five weeks)

F. Household Energy

  • MCEN 5228-007: Household Energy Use and the Services Provided (Spring, 1st five weeks)
  • MCEN 5228-007: Combustion of Solid Fuels (Spring, 2nd five weeks)
  • MCEN 5228-007: Heat Energy Conversion Technology (Spring, 3rd five weeks)

*Currently offered as a three-credit, 15-week course, but will be a three-module series as of Fall 2020.

Once Certificate Coursework is Completed

Upon completion of the four required courses, students must request the certificate be added to their transcript by contacting MCGE Program Assistant Sarah Goodroad at Mortenson Center staff will check to ensure that the requirements have been met and will then notify the Registrar's office so that the designation is added to the student's transcript.