Any student currently enrolled in a graduate degree program offered by the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder may apply for concurrent enrollment in the Graduate Certificate in Engineering for Developing Communities (EDC). Students interested in completing the Graduate Certificate in EDC must submit a Certificate Enrollment Form to the certificate program advisor no later than the time they wish to enroll in CVEN 5929.

Certificate Requirements

Students who satisfactorily complete these four required courses with a grade of B- or higher in each course, will earn the certificate upon graduation:

CVEN 5919: Sustainable Community Development 1 (SCD I, fall only - open to all engineering graduate students on a space available basis)
CVEN 5929: Sustainable Community Development 2 (SCD II, spring only)
CVEN 5939: Sustainable Community Development Field Practicum (3 credits)
CVEN 5837: Fieldwork Methods for Development Engineers (spring only) or ATLS 5250: ICTD Practitioner Fieldwork Methods (spring only, 3 credits)

Once Certificate Coursework is Completed

Upon completion of the four required courses, students must request the certificate be added to their transcript by contacting Robyn Sandekian, graduate certificate program advisor, at Mortenson Center staff will check to ensure that the requirements have been met and will then notify the Registrar's office so that the designation is added to the student's transcript.