Undergraduate Courses

GEEN 1400: First Year Engineering Projects (Appropriate Technology sections offered)

EVEN 2004: Introduction to Global Engineering/EVEN 4830: Applied Global Engineering (fall)

CVEN 4157: A Systems Approach to Global Engineering (Spring 2023, offered as independent study Fall 2022)

CVEN 4969/EVEN 4969: Water & Sanitation in Developing Countries (spring, not offered 2022)

MCEN 4228-007: Household Energy Systems in the Global South (spring, not offered 2022)

*Undergraduates can request approval to enroll in MCGE's 5000-level modules/series. CVEN 2837: Intro to Global Engineering is a pre-requisite requirement, but requests for waivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Graduate Courses

Note: Our course offerings are undergoing expansion and reorganization.

CVEN 5919: Global Development for Engineers (fall)

CVEN 5939: Global Development Practicum (fall recommended)

CVEN 5157: A Systems Approach to Global Engineering (spring, not offered 2022)

MCEN 5228: Household Energy Systems in the Global South (spring, not offered 2022)

Humanitarian Aid Series

CVEN 5830-003: Intro to Humanitarian Aid (fall - 1st five weeks)

CVEN 5830-004: Disaster Risk Reduction (fall - 2nd five weeks)

EVEN 5999-001: Refugees and Displacement (fall - 3rd five weeks)

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Series

CVEN 5969-001: WASH (fall - 1st five weeks)

CVEN 5969-002: WASH (fall - 2nd five weeks)

CVEN 5969-003: WASH (fall - 3rd five weeks)

Principles Series

CVEN 5838-002: Introduction To Global Health for Engineers (summer online)

CVEN 5838-001: Introduction to Development Economics for Engineers (spring - 3rd five weeks)

Project Management Series

CVEN 5837-002: Special Topics – Program & Project Management (spring - 1st five weeks)

CVEN 5837-003: Special Topics – Solution Identification & Proposal Development (spring - 2nd five weeks)

Methods Series

CVEN 5837-004: Special Topics – Community Appraisal (spring - 1st five weeks)

CVEN 5837-006: Special Topics – Study Design & Impact Evaluation (spring - 2nd five weeks)

CVEN 5837-730: Special Topics – Data Analytics for Development (summer 2022 online)


Other Related Courses

CVEN 4834-002/5834-003: Special Topics – International Environmental Impact Assessment (spring)

EVEN 5444: Analytical Methods, Experimental Design  and Applied Data Analysis (spring)

MCEN 4228/5228: Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Project Based Learning in Rural Schools (fall and spring, two-semester course)

MCEN 5228-015: Environmental Law (spring)

EDUC 5015: International & Comparative Education (fall 2022)