Explore beyond the boundaries of materials science and engineering.

The Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Program at CU Boulder is an interdisciplinary, graduate-level program that allows students to explore science at the intersection of advanced chemistry, biology, engineering and physics. Our faculty members work across a broad range of scientific and engineering disciplines, but all share expertise and passion for materials development and application. You will achieve your educational goals through a combination of cross-disciplinary coursework and research under the supervision of one or more of the program’s science and engineering faculty members.

The program offers two degrees to provide you with the necessary skills to be successful in industry. At CU Boulder, you have the opportunity to choose from six unique program tracks for specialization including:

  • Electronic, Magnetic and Photonics Materials
  • Soft Materials
  • Structural Materials
  • Materials Characterization and Processing

  • Materials for Energy
  • Biomaterials
  • Computational Materials Science

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