The Materials Science and Engineering PhD program at CU Boulder will provide you a thorough, interdisciplinary education in materials science and engineering and the fundamental physics, engineering, chemistry and biology that underlie this field.

Educational goals are achieved through both coursework and training in cross-disciplinary research supervised by one or more science and engineering faculty members.


Required Core Courses for All Tracks (9 Credits)

Specialized Track Courses (12 Credits)

Students must take four approved track-specific courses. Required track-specific courses and approved track-specific electives are listed on the coursework page.

Breadth Electives (9 Credits)

Students must select three breadth electives with approval of the PhD research advisor and program. Independent study and MSEN 5000 may count as breadth electives. Students may earn up to 6 credits of independent study towards breadth electives.

Degree Plan

A degree plan will be determined in consultation with the MSE staff academic advisor and your research advisor/PI. The program will be tailored to your research interests and should represent a coordinated approach to attaining your ultimate goals including classwork, professional preparation, and research.

Time Limit 

All degree requirements must be completed within six years from the date of commencing coursework.