Form Information

PhD students and master’s thesis plan students must submit a thesis approval form (TAF) to ensure that the final copy has been accepted by the thesis committee. The TAF must be uploaded as part of the electronic thesis submission process through UMI/Proquest, as a supplementary file.  To have the degree awarded in any given semester, the thesis and TAF must both be submitted by the thesis/dissertation deadline.  Deadlines and other graduation requirements are posted on the Graduate School’s website. 

Signatures Required

Signatures must be obtained through the process below from the committee chair and any one other committee member.  The form must be signed by both in advance of the deadline.

Instructions & Routing information

  • Complete the landing page with your name and the names and e-mail addresses of the committee chair and the one other committee member to sign.  Both must sign electronically in advance of submission, keeping in mind the submission deadline.
  • Fill out the form with student ID, thesis title, degree information, and IRB and IACUC protocol numbers if applicable.
  • Attach a copy of your thesis/dissertation. While formatting changes may be requested by the Graduate School, the content of the attached document should be final and reflect any revisions requested by the committee. Note: if your file is too large for DocuSign, after compression, you may send the final thesis/dissertation separately and attach a note to the TAF form stating how your committee members will receive the final file.
  • Select “finish” to route the form to the chair and committee member simultaneously.  
  • When both the chair and committee member have signed and the form is complete, you will receive a pdf document with signatures via e-mail. 
  • The TAF form must then be saved as a separate single page pdf and uploaded as a supplementary file along with your thesis/dissertation to UMI/Proquest by the submission deadline. Your submission is not considered complete without this supplementary file.

Additional instructions here.

Please complete the following information:

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Committee Chair Information

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