The Teaching Fellows Program is a two-year program to enhance teaching skills for PhD students and post-doctoral associates in the Materials Science & Engineering Program. As a participant, you will develop critical teaching knowledge and abilities to help prepare you for an academic or teaching career.

If you are a post-doc and are interested in this program, please contact Laramie Rose and Valeriia Kim.


Each Teaching Fellow will:

  • Serve as a co-instructor of one semester course during their two-year tenure. As a co-instructor, you will develop and teach two weeks of lectures, create new homework and exam problems and solutions. Teaching Fellows will spend on average 10 hours per week or a maximum of 150 hours during the semester. The course will typically be one of the core MSEN graduate courses.
  • Attend teaching seminars and workshops held each semester, organized through the MSE program.
  • Attend at least three teaching workshops offered by the Center for Teaching & Learning during your tenure in the program.


Teaching Fellows will receive:

  • Mentorship from the primary instructor of the course in which you serve as a co-instructor.
  • Constructive feedback on the lectures you teach and assignments you prepare from the primary instructor.
  • Training on innovative teaching pedagogies.
  • A one-time supplement of $1,000, which will be given at the end of the semester in which you serve as a co-instructor.


  • A one-page statement describing why you are interested in becoming a Teaching Fellow and your long-term career goals. You should include a rank order of you preference for MSE courses.
  • A letter from your PhD advisor indicating their support for you to be a Teaching Fellow. The letter must also include a statement that they will continue to support you upon your full-time appointment.

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