Grade Requirements

Please see the College website for complete information on all academic policies.

  • The minimum grade for each course is:
    • C- if the course is a prerequisite (including courses that can be either a pre- or co-requisite) for any other course in the civil engineering curriculum.
    • D- for all other courses.
  • Up to three attempts are allowed to achieve the minimum grade in each course/requirement.
    • ​As of Fall 2023, W (withdraw) grades do not count as an attempt.
    • Where course substitutes are accepted (e.g. Calculus 1, computing, etc.), a total of three attempts are allowed to complete each requirement, regardless of which course(s) are taken.
  • All courses counting toward the civil engineering degree must be taken for a letter grade, except:
    • As of Fall 2023, Pass/Fail and Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory courses are allowed for free electives.
    • CU-sponsored study abroad grades that are converted to Pass/Fail are exempt from this requirement.

Additional Resources


Contact a member of the CEAE Advising Team:

Toni Gossett, including CVEN minor
Erin Jerick (lead)

 Schedule advising appointments and view drop-in hours in Buff Portal Advising.