Academic Standing Policy as of the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Starting in academic year 2022-2023, campus-wide academic policy is in effect for all undergraduate degree-seeking students at the University of Colorado Boulder.  The official university Academic Standing policy is described in the CU Boulder Undergraduate Catalog and the Registrar's Office maintains an academic standing web site with additional information.  Students with a CU cumulative GPA of at least 2.000 are in good academic standing.

Engineering students who believe their academic standing status is in error should contact the Office of the Registrar ( to request a review of their academic standing status.  Other academic standing inquiries can be directed to

Engineering students placed on Academic Alert or Academic Warning are strongly encouraged to enroll in COEN 2880 Fresh Start for Success one-credit course in the following semester.  This course focuses on learning the mindsets and skills necessary to achieve academic and personal change goals.  Topics include the science of learning (metacognition) and the use of metacognition in everyday life, including strategies supporting mastery of the material in engineering, effective study planning and test-taking, maintaining balance throughout the semester, and the science and creation of sustainable change through habits, support, and resiliency.  This class focuses on the actions necessary to reflect deeply and develop awareness and skills to help create change.  Enrolled students must engage in the class and commit to applying knowledge and skills acquired during lessons and reflection to their other classes and aspects of their student experience.

Engineering students needing assistance considering their options should consult with their academic advisor.

Resources for Students:

Worksheets and guides for students to use with their academic advisors include:

  • Students should use as many resources as possible to improve their academic performance. Please see our academic support website for many resources!
  • Goal Setting Worksheet (this worksheet in inputtable PDF format helps you set/define your SMART goals for academic improvement)

Continuing with a Non-Engineering Degree at CU Boulder (in a different college/school/program on campus)

If a student, while on an academic standing status, is considering transferring to another CU Boulder college or school, he/she should follow the destination college’s Intra-University Transfer (IUT) policy and procedures (which vary from college/school).  

If the student elects to leave Engineering, the College considers that the student has permanently changed his/her choice of academic major to one offered by the other school or college. Therefore, the student is not permitted to enroll in any courses taught by this College that apply only toward engineering degree requirements.  If, at a later date, the student attempts to transfer back to Engineering, the current Engineering College’s policy governing Intra-University Transfer (IUT) admission will apply.