The College of Engineering and Applied Science offers 14 Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees. Each of our BS degrees is comprised of 128 credit hours, distributed as follows:

Humanities/Social Sciences/Writing    

At least 18 credit hours (some majors require more) in this area help you to become a well-rounded engineer.

View more information on the Humanitites/Social Sciences/Writing requirement.

Math & Science Sequence

Most majors require a minimum of 32 hours of basic math and science coursework; this is your foundation upon which you build your engineering disciplinary knowledge.

Courses for Your Major

The bulk of courses taken for your degree will be specified by your major. These include courses taught in your major department/program, along with computing courses, possibly additional math and science courses, and technical electives or professional area electives. Typically this leads to a culminating course(s) in your major called “capstone” or “senior design”.

Free Electives

These courses are entirely flexible for you to choose how to fulfill.

Other Requirements

You’ll need to meet Engineering MAPS (Minimum Academic Preparation Standards) in order to graduate.  If you need to take a course(s) to meet a MAPS Social Science or MAPS Foreign Language requirement, these courses also apply towards your lower-division humanities/social sciences requirement as well.

Some majors require students to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam during their senior year in order to graduate.

Work with your academic advisor to help you put all this together, especially if you want to enhance your BS degree to incorporate a minor, certificate, or to participate in a study abroad program.