Forms on this page are intended for use by undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Graduate students should contact their graduate program advisor to discuss appropriate action for their needs.

Incomplete Grade Form
Use this electronic form when a professor agrees to give you a temporary Incomplete grade, detailing what needs to be completed for the course and by when.  Incomplete grades are given only when students, for documented reasons beyond their control, are unable to complete course requirements.  A substantial amount of work must have been satisfactorily completed before approval for such a grade is given.

Independent Study Form
Contract you use when a professor is sponsoring your Independent Study, detailing what needs to be done by when for how many credit hours.

Petition Form
Use this electronic form when you want to request an exception to department, program, and/or college policies/practices.  Examples of when petitions are required include (but are not limited to):

  • Requests for course substitutions for a major, minor, or certificate
  • Approving a non-CU Boulder course to transfer in and apply towards degree requirements in a specific way
  • Requesting exceptions to course pre-requisite or co-requisite requirements
  • Allowing a lower-than-required grade for a course to stand without having to repeat it
  • Allowing courses older than 10 years to apply towards degree requirements
  • Taking a class on Pass/Fail grading basis
  • Taking a class on NC grading basis (No Credit, also known as formally auditing a class)
  • Enrolling in a course overload (more credit hours than are typically allowed in a given term)
  • Enrolling in a course for the degree (or equivalent) more than 3 times
  • Requesting an exception to the CEAS 45-hour residency requirement (that last 45 hours earned for the degree is CU Boulder coursework only)
  • Requesting to drop a class after the 10-week final drop deadline each semester (or prorated summer session deadline)

CU Boulder has a responsibility to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment. If you disclose having been impacted by sexual misconduct, protected-class discrimination or harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking, or related retaliation, we are required to share that information to the CU Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC) for outreach regarding support and reporting options.  You are not required to respond to OIEC. If you are in need of support, here is a list of resources, including confidential assistance: If you have questions before you want to provide this type of information, please contact the confidential Office of Victim Assistance.

Additionally, please note that the university takes disclosures around threat of harm to self or others seriously and when information of this nature is received, it will be shared with the appropriate offices to offer additional support and resources.

Departmental Course Request Forms
For requesting enrollment in courses that are restricted to individual engineering departments.

CEAS Transfer Credit Review Form
This form is for use by any CU Boulder student to request transferability decisions on engineering and computer science courses only.