There are many resources, most of which are free of charge, available to CU students, faculty, and staff to help with stressful or difficult situations. These offices can provide additional support for addressing concerns, exploring options for reporting, and gaining skills for helping others.

Campus resources that are not confidential are required to comply with the mandatory obligation to report.

Office of Victim Assistance (OVA)

Support services (information, advocacy, short term counseling) for students, staff, and faculty in the aftermath of a traumatic, disturbing, or disruptive life event.

 Phone: 303-492-8855 (24-hour phone service)
 OVA website
Location: Center for Community (C4C), N450

Ombuds Office*

Assists students, faculty, and staff to informally and impartially resolve complaints or disputes with other individuals, offices, or departments within the university. Does not maintain records and is independent of any department or office.

 Phone: 303-492-5077
 Ombuds website
Location: Center for Community (C4C), N440

*The Ombuds Office is confidential and their staff do not have mandatory reporting responsibilities pursuant to university policies. However they do not currently have a statutory privilege in Colorado. For any questions regarding the statutory privilege, please contact the Ombuds Office directly.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)

Offers counseling services for university faculty and staff.

 Phone: 303-492-3020
 FSAP website
Location: Administrative Research Center (ARCE), East Campus, 3100 Marine Street, 3rd Floor, A353

Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

Offers a range of mental health services tailored to fit the needs of CU Boulder students.

 Phone: 303-492-2277 (24-hour phone service)
 CAPS website
Locations: CAPS Main Office: Center for Community (C4C), N352 / Psychiatry: Wardenburg Health Center, 3rd Floor / Village Center at Williams Village, 1st Floor

Student Legal Services (SLS)

Provides legal counseling to students on matters such as traffic violations, criminal charges, and employment problems. Does not provide advice on internal university issues.

 Phone: 303-492-6813
 SLS website
Location: University Memorial Center (UMC), 311

Student Support & Case Management

SSCM serves as a primary resource for managing students of concern in order to avert more serious difficulties by providing crisis prevention and intervention.

 Phone: 303-492-7348
Student Support & Case Managment website
Location: Center for Community (C4C), S460

Center for Inclusion & Social Change (CISC) 

The Center for Inclusion and Social Change was formed in 2018 by combining the Cultural Unity and Engagement Center, the Women’s Resource Center, and the Gender and Sexuality Center to offer strengthened services, greater advocacy, a welcoming and inclusive space that supports academic and personal growth through engagment with individuals from different cultures, and innovative community-building and educational programs to support students in exploring all aspects of their identities.

 Phone: 303-492-0272
CISC website 
Location: Center for Community (C4C), N320

Employee Relations

Employee Relations provides unbiased consultation to employees and supervisors who need support addressing workplace or personnel problems.

 Phone: 303-492-0956
 Employee Relations website
Location: Administrative Research Center (ARCE), East Campus, 3100 Marine Street, 3rd Floor

Faculty Relations

Faculty Relations provides services to faculty members and academic administrators to help develop and maintain working relationships that are positive and productive.

 Phone: 303-492-6402
 Faculty Relations website

Residence Hall Directors

Residence Hall Directors are available for support when students need someone to talk to. Hall Directors are full-time staff who live and work in the halls. They can listen, offer support, and point students to proper resources when necessary. To reach a Hall Director, students can stop by the Community Center in their building to get directions to the Hall Director’s office or call the Residence Life office at 303-492-7260 for contact information.

Disability Services

Disability Services ensures that students with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations and services to participate fully in the academic environment.

 Phone: 303-492-8671
 Disability Services website
Email Disability Services
Location: Center for Community (C4C), N200

Human Resources Recruitment

Assists candidates who require accommodations during the application, testing, or interview process.

 Phone: 303-492-6475
 Human Resources website
Location: Administrative Research Center (ARCE), East Campus, 3100 Marine Street, 3rd Floor

Facilities Management Service Center

The Service Center can assist with access to campus buildings, including signage, doors, and elevators. Information about current construction projects and closures can be found on the Cone Zone website.

 Phone: 303-492-5522
Facilities Management website

Employee Relations

Provides guidance and information to classified and university staff on matters and leave issues involving the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) as well as short-term and long-term disability insurance programs.

 Phone: 303-492-0956
 Employee Relations website
Location: Administrative Research Center (ARCE), East Campus, 3100 Marine Street, 3rd Floor

Campus Accessibility

Includes information, services, and resources related to accessibility for students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Campus Accessibility website

CU Boulder Medical Services

 Phone: 303-492-5101
 Medical Services website
Locations: Wardenburg Health Center / Village Center at Williams Village, 1st Floor

Health and Wellness Services

Health and Wellness Services is committed to improving the overall health and well-being of CU Boulder students through a variety of services across campus. Visit the website for a full listing of services and departments.

 Health and Wellness Services website

University of Colorado Police Department (CUPD)

Maintains a full-service police department. Officers, who are state certified, respond to reports of criminal acts and emergencies both on and off campus.

303-492-6666 (non-emergencies, for emergencies dial 911)
CUPD website
Location: 1050 Regent Drive, Boulder

Veteran and Military Affairs (VMA)

VMA is a one-stop shop for all programs, policies, pay, information, and support for prospective and current student veterans and veteran dependents.  

 Phone: 303-492-7322
 VMA website
Location: Center for Academic Success & Engagment (CASE), W322

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

 Phone: 303-492-8057
 ISSS website 
Location: Center for Community (C4C), S355