Legal trouble? We can help! Statue of lady justiceStudent Legal Services is a small law office dedicated exclusively to serving the legal needs of CU Boulder students.


Our mission is to help students resolve or minimize their legal situations so they can focus on school. We do this by providing high-quality legal services to them through an easily accessible program that is responsive to their needs as clients and respectful of them as people. We also strive to educate students about their rights and responsibilities and about the legal system through consultations and outreach efforts so that they can avoid legal problems in the future.

Sponsored by the CU Boulder Student Government and funded in large part by student activity fees, we provide accessible professional legal assistance to eligible students for a fraction of the cost of a private attorney.
SLS has several attorneys on staff who can help students make sense of their legal situations, explain their options and help them prevent their legal issues from spiraling out of control. We’ll even tell students when we think they don’t need lawyers!
Communications with SLS are confidential as required by attorney/client privilege. 

Services are by appointment only.