Eligible students should contact Student Legal Services (SLS) in person at UMC 311 or by phone at 303-492-6813 to schedule an appointment. You should schedule an appointment with us soon after your legal situation arises. By waiting, you could be making your problem worse by missing crucial deadlines (including some you might not know exist) and/or losing the opportunity to have SLS available to you because we are committed to other students’ legal issues.

Services are by appointment only; SLS does not have walk-in hours. Appointments are made only in person or by phone. We do not make appointments over email or online because holding multiple appointments open while waiting for a student to confirm one is unfair to fellow students who might need one of the other appointments. In addition, our in-person and phone appointment only process allows us to screen potential clients for eligibilitylegal situation and limitations on services before making appointments. Please also note that we generally do not schedule same-day appointments. 

Parents or friends may not schedule appointments for students with legal issues; students must make appointments for themselves. In addition, students can only use SLS for their own legal issues; SLS is not available for advice to students on the legal questions of others.

SLS does not answer “quick legal questions.” Contrary to popular belief, very few legal questions can actually be answered quickly. In addition, it is impossible to ethically answer a legal question without knowing all of the information important to the question.