The CU Collegiate Recovery Center (CUCRC) provides support for those in recovery from substance use disorders or addictive behaviors and a home for the sober community on the CU-Boulder campus. It is open to all who are in recovery or choosing to live a substance-free lifestyle, and to allies who are supportive of the recovery community.

At the CUCRC you can:

  • Find a community of like-minded people
  • Connect with others who are choosing to live substance-free
  • Receive caring, comprehensive support for maintaining sobriety or abstinence
  • Share support and accountability with other recovering students
  • Learn and grow through leadership and service

The CUCRC shares a message of hope, resiliency and personal integrity, and connects CU and local community members with recovery-related services and others in recovery. With an emphasis on building peer-to-peer connections, accountability and well-being, the CUCRC facilitates healthy and sustainable growth of mind, body, and spirit. By linking education and recovery, the program furthers academic growth and professional opportunity.

The Center supports lifelong recovery by providing a community committed to long-term support for all students - prospective, new, current, continuing, and alumni following graduation.

"This is my new home." - L., 3 years clean and sober

What the CUCRC offers:

  • A community lounge for students in recovery and those supportive of sobriety
  • Professional support staff, knowledgeable in addiction, recovery and relapse prevention
  • Space for support groups, study groups, 12-step and sponsor/sponsee meetings
  • Educational seminars, events and discussion groups
  • Leadership, service and other professional development opportunities
  • Alcohol– and Drug–free social events and activities
  • A vast referRal network for treatment, recovery, and wellness programs and services