Collegiate Recovery FAQ

The CUCRC provides a supportive student community, free support meetings, sober social events, recovery coaching, resources and referrals. Learn more what the CU Collegiate Recovery Community has to offer.

Find Support

There are a lot of different ways to find support at the CUCRC. Our doors are open to all who are in recovery or seeking support, to those who choose to live a sober lifestyle, and to allies of those in recovery.

Meet our Staff

Our program staff provide individual coaching and a safe, non-judgmental place to talk with someone and find support.

Shadow FriendsSupport Meetings

Support Meetings in the CUCRC are open to all unless otherwise noted. Schedule subject to change during campus holidays and winter/spring break. 

Meetings are held in the CU Collegiate Recovery Center in UMC room 102, in the hall to the left of the bowling alley. If you are interested in holding a meeting in the CUCRC, contact us at or call 303-492-9642.