Toni Gossett, Undergraduate Academic Advisor

  • CVEN majors with last names A-J
  • CVEN minor advising

Erin Jerick, Area Director

  • CVEN majors with last names K-Mc

Maureen Craig, Senior Undergraduate Academic Advisor

  • CVEN majors with last names Me-Z

 Schedule advising appointments and view drop-in hours on Buff Portal Advising.  


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Faculty and staff give general advice on meeting curriculum each semester and how they would be beneficial in achieving their professional and career goals. Each semester CVEN students meet with a faculty or undergraduate advisor until they graduate.

  • Advising details for freshman/sophomores:
    CVEN freshman and sophomore students are to meet with the CVEN undergraduate advisor for fall & spring advising. Give general advice on meeting degree curriculum each semester, talk about minors, certificates, study abroad, internships, etc.
  • Advising details for juniors/seniors:
    Juniors and seniors meet individually with their faculty mentor in an area of emphasis, discuss a course plan for the following semester, talk about career paths, research, graduate school, etc. Advice on meeting curriculum and graduation requirements.   
  • How to set up an appointment:
    Log into the Buff Portal to see your academic advisor's calendar to schedule an appointment or drop-in hours
  • How to prepare for a meeting:
    Come prepared with a CVEN Block Diagram, a course schedule plan, and a list of specific questions you have for a faculty advisor or undergraduate advisor.
  • When to choose a speciality and other important deadlines:
    Juniors in their 5th or 6th semester are to choose a faculty within an area of speciality 
  • Academic Records:
    Each semester the CVEN students meet with their faculty advisor and undergraduate advisor, once in March for fall advising, and October for spring advising. Your academic record contains copies of official documentation related to academic history and progress. The faculty and undergrad advisor strive to provide an accurate academic advising, but ultimately, the responsibility of meeting graduation requirements is yours. The CVEN undergraduate advisor maintains the student files, updates the CVEN Block Diagrams and final grades each semester.
  • Mentor program:
    The department has a peer mentoring program in which upperclass CVEN students serve as mentors for the new freshmen. The goal is that the mentors can help the freshman navigate their first year at CU, providing advice on how to succeed in registering for classes, activities, etc.