Clement ZhengFeatured: Clement Zheng

PhD, Technology, Media and Society, 2020

“The transdisciplinary environment of ATLAS enabled me to pursue my vision of developing tools and methods for interactive system design.”

Post PhD employment: Instructor at the division of industrial design at the National University of Singapore.

Clement's ATLAS projects and publications


Christopher Bopp, PhD   
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, St. Bonaventure University

Phelan Bowie, MS, (CTD)  

Cody Candler, MS, (CTD)  
co-founder, EdBoard LLC

Gabriel Chapel, MS, (CTD)  
Mechanical Engineer, Donaldson Lab, University of Colorado Boulder

Bryan Costanza, MS, (CTD)  

Maria Deslis MS, (CTD)  
Associate Producer, Serenity Forge

Lila Finch, PhD  

Cassandra Goodby, MS, (CTD)  
Design Technologist, Amazon

Farjana Ria Khan, MS, (CTD)  
Collaborator, Meow Wolf Denver

Grace Kroeger, MS, (CTD)  
UX Designer, The North Face

Benjamin Lee, MS, (ICTD)  

Jack Lewis, MS, (CTD)  
Lead Virtual Reality Designer, NIST

Sam Miller, MS, (CTD)  
Product Specialist, Earable

Celeste Moreno, MS, (CTD)  
Research Assistant, Laboratory for Playful Computation, University of Colorado Boulder

David Oonk, PhD  

Rona Sadan, MS, (CTD)  

Mariana Tamashiro, MS, (CTD)  
PhD student, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Christopher Vecchio, MS, (CTD)  
Creative Traffic Specialist, Vail Resorts

Clement Zheng, PhD
Instructor, Division of Industrial Design, National University of Singapore



Babatunde Adegoke, MS, (ICTD)

Donna Auguste, PhD
Founder & CEO, Auguste Research Group

Jackie Cameron, MS, (CTD)

Peter Gyory, MS, (CTD)  
PhD student, ATLAS Institute, University of Colorado Boulder

Simone Hyater-Adams, PhD
Education & Diversity Programs Manager, American Physical Society

Annie Kelly, MS, (Research)
Professional Research Assistant, Computer Science Department, University of Colorado Boulder

Brittany Kos, PhD

Alec Leeseberg, MS, (CTD)
Product Designer, GoFire, Inc.

Bret McSpadden, MS, (ICTD)
Publications and Knowledge Manager, IRCWASH

Wei Miao, MS, (CTD)
Software Engineer , Kids2GLOW

Carolyn Moreau, MS, (ICTD)
Video Production Manager, University of Colorado Boulder

Abigale Stangl, PhD
Accessibility Researcher, Bullard Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Texas at Austin

Blair Young, MS, (ICTD)

Gena Welk , MS, (ICTD)
Product Manager, Office of Information Technology, University of Colorado Boulder

Keke Wu, MS (CTD)
PhD student, ATLAS Institute, University of Colorado Boulder


Nate Beard, MS (ICTD)   ​ 
PhD student, University of Maryland

Alex Green, MS (ICTD)  
Sr. Systems Architect , Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado

Sarah Kim, MS (CTD)  
Senior Assistant Director/Assistant Director, Admissions, University of Colorado Boulder

Angel Lam, MS (CTD)  

Jennifer Lee, MS (ICTD)  ​ ​ 
User Research Moderator , Activision

Emily Long, MS (ICTD)   
Senior Manager, Inflection Point Agency

Tim Morrissey, MS (ICTD)  ​ ​ 
Owner-Operator, Easy Eats

HyunJoo Oh, PhD  ​  
Assistant Professor at School of Industrial Design & School of Interactive Computing, , Georgia Institute of Technology

Mel Plett, MS (CTD)  
Research Engineer, Mantel Technologies

Calvin Pohawpatchoko Jr., PhD  
Board member, Navaho Technical University

Denise Powell, MS (ICTD)   
Market Researcher, Category One

Carley Rutledge, MS (CTD)  ​ ​ 
Digital Marketing and Content Manager, STRIVE Prep

Lexi Schwartz, MS (ICTD)  
Technical Program Manager & Sr. Security Specialist, Zinc Collective | DigiDems

Ian Smith, MS (CTD)  ​ ​ 
Software Developer, Four Winds Interactive



Monica Bolles, MS (CTD)   ​  
Owner, Resonant Interaction

Ole Bjelland, MS, (ICTD)  
Management Consultant, Implement Consulting Group

Andrew Kiproff, MS (ICTD)  
Software Engineer, UPMC

Emily Lin, MS (CTD)  
Production Artist Manager, Sticker Mule

Barbara MacFerrin, MS (ICTD)   ​  
Owner, Barbara MacFerrin Photography

Emily Porter, MS (ICTD)  
Senior Data Scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton

Danny Rankin, MS (CTD)   
Instructor, ATLAS Institute, University of Colorado Boulder

Tord Johan Rieber, MS (CTD)  

Madison Sabo, MS (CTD)  
UX Consultant, World Wide Technology

Kari Santos, MS (ICTD) 
Build A Robot K12, Longmont, Colorado

Mitchell Wolfe, MS (CTD)  ​  
Technology Specialist, University of Colorado Boulder


Mary Bowannie, MS (ICTD)  
Adjunct Faculty, Native American Studies, The University of New Mexico

Cassiane Cladis, MS (ICTD)  
 Digital Products Manager, TuaRes Foundation

Matthew Dickey, MS (CTD)  
Software Developer, Four Winds Interactive

Megan (Leahy) Friesth, MS (CTD)   Motion Designer, DaVita Kidney Care

Jiffer Harriman, PhD  ​  
Adjunct Faculty, University of Colorado Boulder

Jenna Keenan-Alspector, MS (ICTD)  
Director of Finance and Tax, Spectra Logic

Josephine Kilde, PhD  
Founder and Director, Imani Yako, Kenya

Joey Lyon, MS (ICTD)  
Senior Revenue Operations Manager, Peer Health Exchange

Bradley Morse, PhD
Research Instructor, University of Colorado Denver

Grant Oberholzer, MS (ICTD)   
Construction Coordinator, Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc

Jenny Phelps, MS (ICTD)  
Implementation Manager, Lexia Learning

Lise Ann St. Denis, PhD  
Data Scientist, UX Researcher / Designer, EarthLab, University of Colorado Boulder


Kara Behnke, PhD  ​  
Senior Teaching & Learning Specialist, Coursera

John Buckner, MS (ICTD)  
Communications Strategist, Corporate Culture Consultant, Champion - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Four Winds Interactive

Luke Groeninger, MS (ICTD)  ​  
Graphics Software Engineer, Apple

Katherine Goodman, PhD  
Assistant Professor & Associate Director, University of Colorado Denver Inworks

Kevin Moloney, PhD  ​  
Assistant Professor of Emerging Media Design and Development, Ball State University

Sid Saleh, PhD  
Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship Faculty, Colorado School of Mines

Milee Shrestha, MS (ICTD)   

Leland Smith, MS (ICTD)  
ICT4D Associate, Tetra Tech International Development

Joanne White, PhD  ​  
Associate Director, Business Intelligence, Willis Towers Watson


Leslie Dodson, PhD  
Director, US Bureau, Dar Si Hmad for Development, Education and Culture

Scott William Dudley, MS (ICTD)    
Software Engineer 3, Card Kingdom Inc

Rachel Powers, MS (ICTD)  
Digital Health Consultant, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation

Hawra Rabaan, MS (ICTD)  ​  
PhD candidate, Indiana University - Purdue

Aaron Vimont, MS (ICTD)  
Full Stack Developer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Alexis (Wagnon) Byler, MS (ICTD)  


Chris Carruth, MS (ICTD)  ​  
Instructor, University of Colorado, Boulder

Neil DiMuccio, MS (ICTD)  

Lakshmi Haridas, MS (ICTD)   
Staff Engineer, Qualcomm

Matthew Hulse, MS (ICTD)  
Senior Systems Architect, The World Bank

Meg Leta (Ambrose) Jones, PhD    
Associate Professor, Communication, Culture & Technology, Georgetown University

Mustafa Naseem, MS (ICTD)  
Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Michigan - Ann Arbo<

Joellen Raderstorf, MS (ICTD) 

Isla Schanuel, MS (ICTD)  
Assistant Service Manager, ZBeta Consulting, Inc.

Abigale Stangl, MS (ICTD)  ​  
Accessibility Researcher, Bullard Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Texas at Austin

McClees Stephens, MS (ICTD)  
Project Manager, Mathnasium - The Math Learning Center

Rachel Strobel, MS (ICTD)   
Middle School Teacher, San Antonio, Texas

Heather Underwood, PhD   ​  
Chief Executive Officer, EvoEndo


Matthew Crum, MS (ICTD)  
Architect, ICT4D Initiatives, United Methodist Communications Solutions

Kevin McElhinney, MS (ICTD)  
Director of Engineering, CirrusMD

Maryam Moghaddam-Sadeh, MS (ICTD)  
Assistant, Sinai Marketing

Alexandra Morgan-Kisarale, MS (ICTD)  
National Director of Digital Innovation and Solutions, GirlTrek

Edwige Simon, PhD  
Director of Instructional Technology and Online Programs , International Center for Language Studies 

Kate Starbird, PhD  
Associate Professor, Human Centered Design and Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle

Nicole Stephan, MS (ICTD)  
Design Lead, Talus, Inc

Sarah Vieweg, PhD  ​  
Senior UX Researcher, Twitter

2008 - 2011

Sophia Liu, PhD  
Innovation Specialist, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Revi Sterling, PhD  
Gender and Technology Advisor, USAID (seconded from DAI and FHi360)

The ATLAS Institute currently offers advanced degrees in Creative Technology and Design, including a PhD program, and a master's degree which includes two tracks: Creative Industries, and Social Impact. All graduate degrees conferred through summer 2020 are named Technology, Media & Society (TMS) with master's tracks in Creative Technologies and Design (CTD), and Information & Communication Technology for Development (ICTD). The changes were in name only; the content and goals of degree programs remain the same.