Ruhan Yang
PhD Student • MS, CTD—Creative Industries '21 • TOY DESIGN, PAPER CRAFT
ATLAS Institute

Ruhan Yang is a design engineer who will never stop exploring and creating. As a co-founder of EdBoard Technologies, she has been working on designing educational toys and tools for many years. Ruhan received a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with an applied mathematics minor from the University of Colorado Boulder. She says she almost became a graduate student in mathematics, but is grateful she found ATLAS before making that decision. 

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Ruhan Yang, Cody Candler, and Ellen Yi-Luen Do. 2020. EdBoard: An Educational Breadboard, (to appear) In Proceedings of the Interaction Design and Children Conference 2020 (IDC'20). DOI: (London, England (virtual)–June 17-24, 2020).