What can you make from a piece of paper? For children, a piece of paper could be anything: a bird, a boat, a plane or even a toy robot. With the addition of flexible circuits and AR technology, there are even more possibilities. In the past, we explored the fabrication of paper circuits using a vinyl cutter, and we built some fun projects such as “the Escaping Takeout Box.”  Based on our previous research, we combined paper with AR technology to produce paper-based interactions like those in this pop-up box. Utilizing paper not only reduces the use of plastic and other diffucult-to-recycle materials, but also reduces the technical requirements for fabrication. During the pandemic, many researchers and designers lost access to production machines and prototyping tools, such as 3D printers, and this lack of access was a major inconvenience to their research and design. To help with this situation, we designed various toolkits with paper as the supporting structural material. The main toolkits we are currently developing are PaperMagnets and Printed Paper Circuit Board (PPCB). PaperMagnets explores ways to pair magnets with paper to extend the functionality of this magnetic connection, and Printed Paper Circuit Board (PPCB) presents a new approach to fabricating paper-based circuits.

Check out Ruhan's MS project video.