ACME Creativity Machine Environment (ACME) Lab, directed by Ellen Do, researches computational tools for design, creativity, cognition, tangible and embedded interaction, and computing for health and wellness. Along with the explicit name for which the acronym stands, Do likes ACME because of its lofty connotations and its association to the Looney Tunes fictional organization, A Company that Makes Everything.

A key ethos for the lab is the belief that everyone can be creative because everyone has the ability to make things. Human beings are wonderfully intricate pieces of machinery. In the effort to understand human intelligence and creativity (cognition), or how people design everything (from their meals to furniture, house, or software programs), we build models and machines (physical, digital, and interactive) to attempt to explain and simulate, or to explore the boundaries of these ideas that are inside black boxes.
 ACME Creative Machine ENvironment