Inspired by the Power Glove and the Nintendo LABO, we saw an opportunity to create a controller that would be free and easy for players to make at home. Our goal was to recreate the familiar elements of an RPG game, but to have players experience them in a more engaging manner, rewarding them for their strategies and decision-making abilities. 

"The Eye of the Beholder" is an RPG game that uses a DIY controller, where hand gestures are used to make decisions that impact the course of the game, including interactive dialogue and engaging combat. The game is operated with a computer webcam and AR markers printed out and taped to a glove. The software, Beholder, developed by Peter Gyory, ATLAS PhD student, Clement Zheng, post-doctoral research associate, and Professor Ellen Do of the ACME Lab, allows the computer's webcam to track the location, rotation and depth of the markers.

The game was created by two BS-CTD students, Perry Owens and Hunter Allen-Bonney. Players command three members of an unlikely party, each one with different desires and motivations. They choose the way these characters interact with others, shaping the storyline as they progress on their quest. When players fight, they can obliterate their opponents by casting spells with their hands–no keyboard required.

Enter the realm of the Iron Region... if you dare!

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