Hastin Bagewadi
Creative Industries Master's Student
ATLAS Institute

Technology has always fascinated Hastin Bagewadi Sharadkumar. As a curious teen, he explored mobile phone software and tried custom ROMs, leading to knowledge about mobile phone software and hardware. As an undergraduate, he worked on IoT-related projects and excelled academically. Today his skills include UI/UX design, augmented by the knowledge of operating systems and computer architecture, and he enjoys building networks of people to create innovative products. "Any technology that has a screen showing some form of data, I am drawn to it like a moth," Hastin says.  "I am just overjoyed about screens and displays." Hastin is now pursuing a masters in Creative Technology and Design with a specialization in User Interface and User Experience Design. In his free time he enjoys playing computer games, riding motorcycles, going on long drives and eating "a good chunky" pizza. He builds computers as a hobby and also helps with tech support at his father's firm.