Grace Wilson in front of some bushes.
Social Impact Master's Student
ATLAS Institute

Grace Wilson is fascinated by the different ways we learn things and the ways we explain things to ourselves and others. Some applications of these broad topics include exploring social and sandbox learning models and identity construction, embracing traditionally undervalued reservoirs of knowledge, and furthering compassionate self-sufficiency in the face of misinformation. Grace went to St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico and then transferred to CU Boulder where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Technology, Arts and Media. An intentional generalist, she loves the passion of specialists and is, herself, more interested in the connective tissue of our strange world. These connections have led to projects in information design, storytelling and data visualization. Grace works for the Broadening Opportunities through Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) Center in CEAS at CU Boulder as a communications coordinator.