kevin ecke
MS, Creative Technology and Design—Creative Industries '23
ATLAS Institute

Kevin's focus is on using blockchain technology as the organizational framework for technology platforms and social programs that provide more transparency, social trust, and fair compensation for the work contributed to these platforms.

Kevin recently earned a certificate in Blockchain Technologies from the MIT Sloan School of Management, he designed and developed a prototype to make IoT sensors more useful as blockchain hardware oracles, and he is currently designing a consensual biometric identity authentication system that could help solve problems in digital voting and sybil attacks in globally connected blockchains in the future.

With a background as an entrepreneur and media producer, Kevin has created over 100 original music compositions, published a science fiction novel about surveillance capitalism gone awry, is developing a variety of essays about the future of blockchain technology, and is currently writing a protopian science fiction novel about a future society that has achieved full sustainability.

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