Shrey Solanki working with two computers.
Creative Industries Master's Student
ATLAS Institute

Shrey Naresh Solanki earned his bachelor's degree in computer engineering from the University of Mumbai. He chose ATLAS because of the curriculum—"a perfect blend of creativity and technology with UI/UX and a dive into the virtual world of AR/VR."  While in the Creative Industries track, Shrey hopes to gain in-depth knowledge about UI/UX, setting him on the path to becoming a product designer. He is proud of being honored as a creative head at multiple organizations, especially TEDx, where he felt well-appreciated by industry leaders for his "alluring" designs and motion graphics. Shrey's dream is to create his own venture with a product and make a worldwide brand while working at a competitive multinational. Fun fact: Shrey is not just tech savvy; he's also a great cook!