Andi Moller
MS, Creative Technology and Design—Creative Industries '23
ATLAS Institute

Andi Moller (she/her/hers) is a visual designer with a Bachelor of Arts and Science (graduated in 2018) who specializes in digital experiences. Since then, she’s worked within various design types such as branding, data visualization, UI, print, digital and animation. Her passion comes alive when she’s able to weave her design knowledge through mission-minded volunteer and freelance work – having the privilege to work with education, human trafficking and voter suppression nonprofit organizations. As a CTD graduate, she hopes to merge her design knowledge, passion for social impact and curiosity of accessibility and UX to create experiences that can better support communities to have equality, equity and a safe platform to raise their own voices. Outside of work, Andi spends her time biking, hiking, consuming sweets and dreaming up pet birthday parties.

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