Sanjana Gangishetty portrait
Creative Industries Master's Student
ATLAS Institute

Sanjana Gangishetty, a graduate of the class of 2022 with a bachelor's degree in Design specialising in interior design, possesses a heightened sense of design that stems from a comprehensive understanding of space functionality and its impact on human interaction. Throughout her degree, she honed her skills in design characteristics, colour schemes, materials, space planning, hand drafting, and 3D model development, gaining an appreciation for seamless and functional visual designs and user interfaces, whether in physical or virtual spaces. Guided by the wise words of Don Norman, who asserted that "design is an act of communication," Sanjana strives to incorporate this philosophy into every project she undertakes, championing designs that resonate with people. As she embarks on her post-graduation journey, Sanjana is eager to explore the integration of immersive technologies into everyday products, aiming to create inclusive experiences through ATLAS Institute's CTD program. Her aspiration is to work as a user experience (UX) designer, eventually specializing in interaction design, which encompasses augmented and virtual reality. Beyond her design endeavours, Sanjana finds solace in digital illustrations, painting, and engaging in outdoor activities. These passions provide her with creative outlets and fuel her design work.