Description: The DAISy Cam team is working to integrate a ScoutCam micro camera into the end of Astroscale's LEXI vehicle's docking arm as well as develop a video card solution to support these cameras. The cameras will assist in the final phases of LEXI's docking to a client vehicle. By developing a scaled model of the docking arm, the team will design an interface for the camera to attach to the arm. This will be tested along with DAISy Cam’s video card solution to ensure the camera is mounted securely and can transmit data to the video card.

Sponsor: Astroscale

Team Members: Kiley Beckwith (PM), Mohammed Alnasser, Samuel Barrette, Abby Durell, Peyton Early, Lucas House, Ketan Kamat, Mason Lemler, Jacob Moncada, Nate Sanchez

Project Files: