Description: Project GOATSES aims to create a loading device that simulates a perpendicular gravity vector on a user regardless of their postural sway. This device will be used by the CU Bioastronautics Department to research how to maintain astronaut’s proprioceptive function in space. By loading the user perpendicular to their support surface, it will require the user to balance themselves while they sway which exercises their proprioceptive function. This device is designed for users who are participating in a ground-based analog for the effects of microgravity on the body, such as bed rest.

Sponsor: CU AES Bioastronautics

Advisor: Matt Rhode

PM: Grace Antonucci

Team Roster: Cody Wheeler, Quentin Morton, August Hauter, Elena Salgado, Gracie Antonucci, Isaac Timko, Nickolas Taylor, Jack Harrison, Ben Foehr

Project Files: