Description: As the concerns of space debris continue to grow, the process of removing space debris from Earth’s orbits will be an important problem to solve. Project CROACS hopes to help solve that problem. The project is an on-Earth model of a satellite subsystem with the main objective to remotely sense the relative attitude, position, angular velocity, and translational velocity of a known, tumbling, uncooperative piece of space debris. To accomplish this, project CROACS will utilize a LiDAR sensor and in house software to characterize the tumbling of a Saturn V second stage scale model.

Sponsor: Astroscale

Advisor: Yu Takahashi

PM: Tyler Gaston

Team Roster: Jason Le, Walter Sabin, Max Morgan, Tyler Gaston, Shawn Stone, Zackary Hubbard, Brandon Dilorenzo, Jash Bhalavat, Jake Pirnack, Nicholas Herrington, Jianai Zhao

Project Files: