Description: Astro-Robotic Garden Harvester (ARGH) is an automated garden fruit harvesting system. The project’s sponsor, Sierra Space, is developing modernized space stations for commercial use. There are many tasks to be completed aboard a space station, and it is Sierra Space's goal to relieve the station’s crew and visitors of menial tasking via the integration of automated robotics systems. ARGH demonstrates the technological baseline for such a system by remotely analysing a modular garden environment, identifying garden fruits that are ready for harvest, and then harvesting and storing the ripe fruit.

Sponsor: Sierra Space

Advisor: Chris Roseman

PM: Kyle Fingerhut

Team Roster: Aurash Filsoof, Panitnan Yuvanondha, Connor O'reilly, Noah Kendall, Evan Luebbert, Sam Oberg, Collin Rasbid, Evan Shults, Dominic Plaia, Cameron Mitchell, Thomas Shepard, Kyle Fingerhut

Project Files: