By Ally Dever

Principal investigator
Susan Thomas

Outreach Award from the Office of Outreach and Engagement; Research and Innovation Seed Grant from the Research and Innovation Office

Collaboration + support
Boulder County Latino History Project; Colorado State University Pueblo; CU Boulder Office of Outreach and Engagement; CU Boulder Research and Innovation Office; Song of Pueblo Project; University of California, Riverside; University of Colorado Digital Library

The College of Music’s American Music Research Center (AMRC) is breaking ground with its innovative Soundscapes of the People project, a comprehensive research effort in collaboration with local community stakeholders to document, preserve and engage with diverse musical and cultural influences in and around Pueblo, Colorado. 

The yearlong study will explore ways that musical traditions have served to bridge social, ethnic, urban/rural and religious identities.

“Pueblo is home to multiple underrepresented communities, and their musical histories are largely undocumented by traditional institutions,” said AMRC Director and Professor of Musicology Susan Thomas, who is leading the project. By working directly with community members, and documenting their musical experiences and knowledge through oral histories, the research team aims to address the lack of representation and inclusion in the history of southern Colorado culture.

Photo of Pueblo Musicians by Anthony Armijo on the wall of the Klamm Shell in Pueblo, Colorado.

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