A student who is pursuing the Professional MS degree in mechanical engineering and wishes to also obtain the Master’s of Engineering in Engineering Management degree must apply internally and be admitted into the Engineering Management Program. In total, graduate students in the dual degree program must complete a total of 45 credit-hours of coursework at the 5000 level or above, consisting of 21 credit hours from the Engineering Management Program (EMP) and at least 18 Department of Mechanical Engineering credit -ours.

To find out if this program is a good fit for you, please visit the Engineering Dual Degree admissions webpage


Mechanical Engineering Coursework: Students must complete at least 18 Department of Mechanical Engineering credits. 6 additional credits must be completed and can be taken outside the department, if desired.

Engineering Management Coursework: The 21 credits required in engineering management typically consist of the following courses:

  • EMEN 5010: Introduction to EngineeringManagement
  • EMEN 5020: Finance and Accounting for EngineeringManagers
  • EMEN 5030: Project Management; or EMEN 5031: Software Project Management; or EMEN 5405: Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
  • EMEN 5050: Leading Oneself
  • EMEN 5830: Special Topics: Engineering Communication
  • Two EMEN elective courses. Note that EMEN 5000: Engineering Analysis and EMEN 5005: Intro to Applied Statistics cannot be applied toward the Engineering Management degree. 

Note: EMEN 5000 Engineering Principles cannot be applied toward the Engineering Management degree.

Professional Development: 15 PDP seminars must be completed as part of the mechanical engineering Master’s degree. More information on PDP requirements can be found in your individual student portal.

Master’s Exam: In Engineering Management, students must pass the master’s exam in the final semester of classes or the semester after.