Alaa Ahmed
Alaa A. Ahmed
Associate Professor • Biomedical, Robotics and Systems Design
Chunmei Ban headshot
Chunmei Ban
Associate Professor • Materials
Francois Barthelat
Francois Barthelat
Professor • Materials, Mechanics of Materials, Biomedical
Mark Borden
Mark A. Borden
Professor • Biomedical, Materials, Thermo Fluid Sciences, Micro/Nanoscale
Nick Bottenus headshot
Nick Bottenus
Assistant Professor • Biomedical, Mechanics of Materials, Robotics and Systems Design
Victor M. Bright
Victor M. Bright
Professor • Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research • Micro/Nanoscale
Carson Bruns headshot
Carson Bruns
Assistant Professor • Materials, Biomedical, Micro/Nanoscale
Sarah Calve headshot
Sarah Calve
Associate Professor • Biomedical, Materials, Mechanics of Materials
Longji Cui
Longji Cui
Assistant Profressor • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
Xiaoyun Ding headshot
Xiaoyun "Sean" Ding
Assistant Professor • Biomedical, Micro/Nanoscale, Thermo Fluid Sciences
Yifu Ding
Yifu Ding
Professor • MAST Center Director • Materials, Mechanics of Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
Virginia L. Ferguson
Virginia L. Ferguson
Associate Professor • Hudson Moore Professor • Biomedical, Mechanics of Materials, Materials
Peter Hamlington
Peter Hamlington
Associate Professor • Graduate Program Chair • Vogel Faculty Fellow • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Air Quality
Mike Hannigan headshot
Michael Hannigan
Professor • Department Chair • Air Quality
Daven Henze
Daven Henze
Professor • S.P. Chip and Lori Johnson Faculty Fellow • Air Quality
Jean R. Hertzberg
Jean R. Hertzberg
Associate Professor • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Biomedical
Sean Humbert
J. Sean Humbert
Professor • Denver Business Challenge Professor • Aerospace and Defense Faculty Director • Robotics and Systems Design
Kaushik Jayaram
Kaushik Jayaram
Assistant Professor • Robotics and Systems Design, Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
Svenja Knappe headshot
Svenja Knappe
Associate Research Professor • Micro/Nanoscale
Jeffrey Knutsen
Jeffrey Knutsen
Senior Instructor • Charles C. Gates Faculty Fellow
Daria Kotys-Schwartz Headshot
Daria Kotys-Schwartz
Teaching Professor • Design Center Colorado Co-Director • Idea Forge Director • Design Excellence Faculty Fellow
Nicole Labbe headshot
Nicole Labbe
Assistant Professor • Thermo Fluid Sciences
SeHee Lee
Se-Hee Lee
Professor • Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
YC Lee
Yung Cheng "YC" Lee
Professor • S. J. Archuleta Endowed Professor • Micro/Nanoscale
Baowen Li.
Baowen Li
Professor • Rennie Family Endowed Professor • Materials, Mechanics of Material, Thermo Fluid Sciences
Rong Long
Rong Long
Assistant Professor • Lyall Fellow • Mechanics of Materials
Maureen Lynch photo
Maureen Lynch
Assistant Professor • Biomedical
Rob MacCurdy headshot
Robert MacCurdy
Assistant Professor • Robotics and Systems Design
David Marshall
David Marshall
Research Professor • Materials
Hope Michelson headshot
Hope Michelsen
Associate Professor • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Air Quality, Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
Jana Milford
Jana B. Milford
Professor • Air Quality
Shelly Miller headshot
Shelly L. Miller
Professor • Associate Director, Faculty Relations, Office of Faculty Affairs • Air Quality
Debanjan Mukherjee headshot
Debanjan Mukherjee
Assistant Professor • Biomedical, Thermo Fluid Sciences
Todd Murray
Todd Murray
Professor • Biomedical, Materials
Corey Neu
Corey Neu
Professor • Donnelly Family Endowed Professor • Biomedical
John Pellegrino headshot
John Pellegrino
Research Professor • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Materials
Rishi Raj
Rishi Raj
Professor • Materials
Derek Reamon headshot
Derek Reamon
Teaching Professor
Keith Regner
Keith Regner
Mark Rentschler
Mark Rentschler
Professor • Sylvia Norviel Cancer Research Faculty Fellow • Biomedical, Mechanics of Materials, Robotics and Systems Design
Greg Rieker headshot
Greg Rieker
Associate Professor • Vogel Family Faculty Fellow • Research and Innovation Faculty Fellow • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Air Quality
Dan Riffell
Dan Riffell
Scholar In Residence
Shalom Ruben
Shalom Ruben
Senior Instructor • Ebner Family Faculty Fellow • Robotics and Systems Design
Massimo Ruzzene headshot
Massimo Ruzzene
Professor • Associate Dean for Research • Mechanics of Materials
Julie Steinbrenner
Julie Steinbrenner
Senior Instructor • Wolenski/Roller Faculty Fellow • External Relations Chair
Conrad Stoldt headshot
Conrad Stoldt
Professor • Undergraduate Chair • Materials
Wei Tan headshot
Wei Tan
Associate Professor • Biomedical
Janet Tsai headshot
Janet Tsai
Marina Vance headshot
Marina Vance
Assistant Professor • McLagan Family Fellow • Air Quality, Micro/Nanoscale
Franck Vernerey
Franck Vernerey
Professor • Biomedical, Mechanics of Materials
Instructor Michael Walker at CU Boulder's Department of Mechanical Engineering
Michael Walker
Instructor • Energy Engineering Minor Director • Thermo Fluid Sciences
Greg Whiting headshot
Gregory L. Whiting
Associate Professor • Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
Christine Weidinmyer
Christine Wiedinmyer
Research Professor • Air Quality
Jianliang Xiao
Jianliang Xiao
Associate Professor • Mechanics of Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
Xiaobo Yin
Xiaobo Yin
Associate Professor • Bruce S. Anderson Engineering Faculty Fellow • Materials, Micro/Nanoscale