Faculty members in the Paul M. Rady Department of Mechanical Engineering conduct groundbreaking research in areas including air quality, biomedical, materials, mechanics of materials, micro/nanoscale, robotics and systems design, and thermo fluid sciences. To learn more about their areas of expertise, use the focus area filters below to view faculty profiles in your area of interest. Be sure to also check out our Research Overview Slides for a quick look at faculty members and their unique capabilities and areas of expertise. 

Alaa Ahmed
Alaa A. Ahmed
Associate Professor • Biomedical, Robotics and Systems Design
Chunmei Ban headshot
Chunmei Ban
Associate Professor • Materials
Francois Barthelat
Francois Barthelat
Professor • Materials, Mechanics of Materials, Biomedical
Mark Borden
Mark A. Borden
Professor • Biomedical, Materials, Thermo Fluid Sciences, Micro/Nanoscale
Nick Bottenus headshot
Nick Bottenus
Assistant Professor • Biomedical, Mechanics of Materials, Robotics and Systems Design
Victor M. Bright
Victor M. Bright
Professor • Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research • Micro/Nanoscale
Carson Bruns headshot
Carson Bruns
Assistant Professor • Materials, Biomedical, Micro/Nanoscale
Sarah Calve headshot
Sarah Calve
Associate Professor • Biomedical, Materials, Mechanics of Materials
Longji Cui
Longji Cui
Assistant Profressor • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
John W. Daily
John W. Daily
Research Professor • Air Quality, Thermo Fluid Sciences
Xiaoyun Ding headshot
Xiaoyun "Sean" Ding
Assistant Professor • Biomedical, Micro/Nanoscale, Thermo Fluid Sciences
Yifu Ding
Yifu Ding
Professor • MAST Center Director • Materials, Mechanics of Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
Virginia L. Ferguson
Virginia L. Ferguson
Associate Professor • Hudson Moore Professor • Biomedical, Mechanics of Materials, Materials
Peter Hamlington
Peter Hamlington
Associate Professor • Graduate Program Chair • Vogel Faculty Fellow • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Air Quality
Mike Hannigan headshot
Michael Hannigan
Department Chair • Professor • Air Quality
Daven Henze
Daven Henze
Professor • S.P. Chip and Lori Johnson Faculty Fellow • Undergraduate Chair • Air Quality
Jean R. Hertzberg
Jean R. Hertzberg
Associate Professor • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Biomedical
Sean Humbert
J. Sean Humbert
Professor • Denver Business Challenge Professor • Aerospace and Defense Faculty Director • Robotics and Systems Design
Kaushik Jayaram
Kaushik Jayaram
Assistant Professor • Robotics and Systems Design, Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
Svenja Knappe headshot
Svenja Knappe
Associate Research Professor • Micro/Nanoscale
Jeffrey Knutsen
Jeffrey Knutsen
Senior Instructor • Charles C. Gates Faculty Fellow
Daria Kotys-Schwartz Headshot
Daria Kotys-Schwartz
Teaching Professor • Design Center Colorado Co-Director • Idea Forge Director • Design Excellence Faculty Fellow
Nicole Labbe headshot
Nicole Labbe
Assistant Professor • Thermo Fluid Sciences
SeHee Lee
Se-Hee Lee
Professor • Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
YC Lee
Yung Cheng "YC" Lee
Professor • S. J. Archuleta Endowed Professor • Micro/Nanoscale
Baowen Li.
Baowen Li
Professor • Rennie Family Endowed Professor • Materials, Mechanics of Materials, Thermo Fluid Sciences
Rong Long
Rong Long
Assistant Professor • Lyall Fellow • Mechanics of Materials
Maureen Lynch photo
Maureen Lynch
Assistant Professor • Biomedical
Rob MacCurdy headshot
Robert MacCurdy
Assistant Professor • Robotics and Systems Design
David Marshall
David Marshall
Research Professor • Materials
Hope Michelson headshot
Hope Michelsen
Associate Professor • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Air Quality, Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
Jana Milford
Jana B. Milford
Professor • Air Quality
Shelly Miller
Shelly L. Miller
Professor • Associate Director, Faculty Relations, Office of Faculty Affairs • Air Quality
Debanjan Mukherjee headshot
Debanjan Mukherjee
Assistant Professor • Biomedical, Thermo Fluid Sciences
Todd Murray
Todd Murray
Professor • Biomedical, Materials
Corey Neu
Corey Neu
Professor • Donnelly Family Endowed Professor • Biomedical
John Pellegrino headshot
John Pellegrino
Research Professor • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Materials
Rishi Raj
Rishi Raj
Professor • Materials
Derek Reamon headshot
Derek Reamon
Teaching Professor
Keith Regner
Keith Regner
Mark Rentschler
Mark Rentschler
Professor • Sylvia Norviel Cancer Research Faculty Fellow • Biomedical, Mechanics of Materials, Robotics and Systems Design
Greg Rieker headshot
Greg Rieker
Associate Professor • Vogel Family Faculty Fellow • Research and Innovation Faculty Fellow • Thermo Fluid Sciences, Air Quality
Dan Riffell
Dan Riffell
Scholar In Residence
Shalom Ruben
Shalom Ruben
Senior Instructor • Ebner Family Faculty Fellow • Robotics and Systems Design
Massimo Ruzzene headshot
Massimo Ruzzene
Professor • Associate Dean for Research • Mechanics of Materials
Julie Steinbrenner
Julie Steinbrenner
Senior Instructor • Wolenski/Roller Faculty Fellow • External Relations Chair
Conrad Stoldt headshot
Conrad Stoldt
Professor • Materials
Wei Tan headshot
Wei Tan
Associate Professor • Biomedical
Janet Tsai headshot
Janet Tsai
Instructor • Chair of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion working group
Marina Vance headshot
Marina Vance
Assistant Professor • McLagan Family Fellow • Air Quality, Micro/Nanoscale
Franck Vernerey
Franck Vernerey
Professor • Biomedical, Mechanics of Materials
Instructor Michael Walker at CU Boulder's Department of Mechanical Engineering
Michael Walker
Instructor • Energy Engineering Minor Director • Thermo Fluid Sciences
Greg Whiting headshot
Gregory L. Whiting
Associate Professor • Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
Christine Weidinmyer
Christine Wiedinmyer
Research Professor • Air Quality
Jianliang Xiao
Jianliang Xiao
Associate Professor • Mechanics of Materials, Micro/Nanoscale
Xiaobo Yin
Xiaobo Yin
Associate Professor • Bruce S. Anderson Engineering Faculty Fellow • Materials, Micro/Nanoscale