Thank you for your interest in hiring ME Buffs! There are a wide range of opportunities to recruit students for internship and/or post-graduate positions. Please direct questions about the opportunities below to

Job/Internship Postings                                                                              

  • Handshake: CU Career Services works with a national provider, Handshake to administer a database of job opportunities. 
  • Jobs & Internships Listserv: The department also maintains a listserv for internship and job postings. That listserv is a great option for smaller companies with less frequent opportunities, for alums/engineers outside of a hiring role who want to promote a position and for amplifying the reach of positions that have also been posted in Handshake.

On-Campus Recruiting                                                                              

  • Career Fairs: There are career fairs hosted by both CU Career Services and the College of Engineering. The Career Services events are larger and focus on both jobs and internships. The College of Engineering events are smaller and internship-specific. Visit the CU Career Services website or the College of Engineering and Applied Science Active Learning Program website for more information. 
  • On-Campus Interviews: Career Services is also able to host on-campus interviews
  • Show & Tech Events: The College of Engineering coordinates company info sessions that feature a hybrid focus on technical information and recruiting. Events are generally held in the evening and can be promoted to multiple departments. 
  • Lobby Tabling: Companies can reserve a table in the Engineering Center Lobby where you can talk with students about employment opportunities. Students are able to stop by and talk with you on their way to class without a formal structure.

Additional Opportunities to Connect                                                         

  • Tailored Recruiting Events: The department can work with you to host an event that includes a resume submission and/or RSVP process. Examples of past events include breakfasts, lunches and industry tours. 
  • Other Engagement Opportunities: There are a wide range of opportunities to engage with students throughout the year. While not all are specifically focused on recruitment, these opportunities allow employers to connect with ME students and build brand recognition. 

More Opportunities to Engage with Students