Whether you're a member of our alumni, a member of the business community, or just interested in giving back, there are many ways to partner with the CU's ME Department. 

Collaborate with Faculty for Sponsored Research

The number of faculty members in the ME Department continues to grow upwards from 46. Faculty members are eager to collaborate and have varying capabilities and areas of expertise in research areas including Air Quality, Biomedical, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanics of Materials,  Micro/Nanoscale, Robotics and Systems Design and Thermo Fluid Sciences.

Join ME Partners

ME Partners support the education of students and the mission of the department by bringing industry connections and enabling project-based learning. 

ME Partners do the following:

  • Sponsor senior design and graduate design course projects
  • Provide resources to maintain and enhance project-based courses
  • Deliver seminars to graduate and undergraduate students
  • Serve as guest lecturers for academic courses
  • Support plant/lab site visits for students
  • Connect students with internship opportunities
  • Serve as adjunct faculty members, as needed

In return, ME Partners get:

  • Network with colleagues
  • Student recruitment opportunities for jobs/internships
  • Opportunity to shape education for up-and-coming engineers
  • Solutions to engineering problems through senior design projects
  • New ideas and approaches to company problems
  • Functioning hardware with documentation
  • Outreach and promotion of your involvement

Learn more about ME Partners


Sponsor a Senior Design Project

The Design Center Colorado (DCC) fosters innovative, technical collaborations with business, industry, and government agencies. One DCC initiative involves bringing projects to undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical engineering where integrated teams of 4 to 6 undergraduate students (3 to 4 graduate students), a faculty advisor, and an industry mentor develop workable solutions. Student teams work on assigned projects for two consecutive semesters and deliver tested, functional hardware and documentation to the industry sponsor at the completion of the project.

Benefits of sponsoring a project:

  • Sponsors obtain functional hardware with documentation at the end of the project.
  • Sponsors benefit from new ideas and approaches undertaken by student teams of either graduate or undergraduate students.
  • Close interaction with student teams provides sponsors with a unique opportunity for recruiting new graduates.
  • Integrated teams comprised of faculty members, industry sponsors and students focus on the successful completion of the project.
  • Sponsored projects are showcased to the local community as well as other companies at a public design exposition each spring. 

How Senior Design Sponsorship Works


Collaborate with Faculty for Independent Study Opportunities

More information to come soon. 


To learn more about partnering with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, please email Julie Steinbrenner. 

Julie SteinbrennerJulie E. Steinbrenner
Instructor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Colorado Boulder