Sponsors fund a project through a program fee:  $16,000 for undergraduate projects, and $25,000 for graduate projects. One of the main differentiators of these programs is the goal for the end product. Undergraduate students endeavor, on a best-effort basis, to create a “trade-show-ready” prototype.  Graduate students work, again on a best-effort basis, to deliver a “manufacturing-ready” prototype.  Due to the best-effort nature of the engagement, sponsors are strongly encouraged to submit projects that are not in their company’s critical development path.

Students work with their faculty, a mentor from the sponsoring company and an industry advisor from a non-competitive company.  Each member of the industry supervisory team provides various aspects of coaching to the students, while the faculty holds the students accountable for milestones and deadlines, and provides course instruction and grading.

Over two semesters, students will complete the requirements of the course, which includes delivery of an appropriate prototype for their capstone experience.  An exposition is held at the end of the year and, with sponsor approval, students present their work in a public forum that is open to family, friends and the community.

If you are interested in sponsoring a project, contact Alan Goodman.