The primary objective of the PhD degree program is to educate students to the highest levels of their chosen field to enable them to make lasting impacts to fundamental knowledge, technology, and society through research. PhD students are expected to become domain experts and complete research that can withstand the rigorous test of external peer review.

We offer funding to all PhD applicants whom we admit. Our department anticipates extending full funding to about 70 Fall 2024 PhD applicants. Funding includes:

  • a graduate student salary,
  • tuition remission,
  • mandatory student fees, and
  • 91% health insurance coverage.

In your first year, you will be funded by the department as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for one semester and as a Research Assistant (RA) for the other semester, which enables you to find a research lab and to practice working in a classroom setting. Faculty with alternate sources of funding may petition the department to waive the TA requirement for first year students in their lab. In your second year and beyond, you will be funded by a research advisor as an RA or through other fellowships, pending reasonable research progress and academic performance. If your research advisor has a funding gap, they can apply to the department for gap funding. This way, students have a safety net so that they can continue to be funded throughout their PhD program.

For information about applying to the PhD program, please visit PhD Admission or email