Our Vision

The Department of Mechanical Engineering will develop new scientific understandings, launch innovative technologies, and nurture creative engineers that will solve today’s societal challenges: improving human health, enabling security, and creating sustainable energy systems. 

The CU Department of Mechanical Engineering seeks to...

Be known for high-impact research

Our faculty are already internationally known for strength in biomedical, energy, and materials innovation. We plan to build that same prominence in soft robotics, imaging complex media and quantum technologies. Specifically, CU will continue to publish in high-impact journals, spin-off technology companies, graduate future faculty and serve on national advisory boards in addition to being the home of an Engineering Research Center.

Be a national leader in project-based education

Project-based learning improves the training for the practice of engineering and project-based education provides the best opportunity to connect research and educational activities. Specifically, CU will establish our leadership through faculty and student fellowships and awards.

Be a national leader in inclusive excellence

Research shows that diversity in engineering teams and in companies leads to more innovative and successful outcomes. We feel strongly that we all deserve the opportunity to be global leaders in engineering. Specifically, CU will be in the top five US ME departments for gender equity.

Support engaged scholarship, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative community including alumni

CU Boulder Mechanical Engineering faculty are recognized nationally and internationally. As of Fall 2018, CU Boulder as a whole is home to 5 Nobel laureates, 5 National Medal of Science winners, 9 MacArthur fellows, 28 members of the National Academy of Engineering, 33 members of the Academy of Arts and Sciences and 36 members of the National Academy of Sciences. (2017 National and international CU Boulder faculty recognition)


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