Students in the mechanical engineering Professional MS program may wish to apply for a dual Master’s degree in Engineering Management. Engineering management requires an undergraduate degree in engineering and a 3.0 or higher GPA from a regionally accredited institution. For full eligibility requirements, please visit the Engineering Management admissions website.

Application Requirements

Admission to the engineering management degree is determined by the Engineering Management department. Please visit the Engineering Management admissions website to learn more.

Current Engineering Management MS students interested in applying to the Mechanical Engineering MS can learn more about our internal application procedures by reviewing Mechanical Engineering's Graduate Program Handbook.

Important Deadlines

Students currently in the mechanical engineering department who wish to pursue the dual degree with Engineering Management should reach out to kendra.thibeault@colorado.edu for guidance on any deadlines for application.

Students in the Engineering Management Department wishing to pursue the dual degree with Mechanical Engineering can reach out to the graduate advisors at megrad@colorado.edu with questions.